If you want to achieve a head of hair that looks healthy and feels good, then you will need a little more than just your regular shampoo.

Getting your hair to look great requires an understanding of what it needs but when you get it right, it really is a transformation.

How is fine hair defined?

Often, fine hair will be wispy and will consist of individual strands with very little volume.

All of this can make it difficult to put right and if you have light hair then it can look even thinner.

Having thin hair is different to hair-loss although the two can often be mistaken for each other because thin hair can leave the scalp exposed.

Can you thicken thin hair?

Essentially, fine hair is just part of who you are and as you get older, it will become thinner.

Therefore, it will more than likely never become thicker.

Despite this, not all is lost because there are many products out there can add volume and give your hair a thicker appearance.

Looking after fine hair

Getting rid of build up

Fine hair can be weighed down by build-up and so, the first step is to remove oil and any products.

A high quality clarifying shampoo will help to remove any build-up without reducing the moisture.

It will also help to improve the hair and scalp, giving you a great starting point to increase volume and improve style.

Reduce the appearance of thinning

Short or fine hair can really expose your scalp and visible patches and so, you need to hide it.

There are products out there that deliver hair thickening fibres to help fill these patches.

They come in a number of shades to suit your hair, making it possible to find the right match.

All you need to do is sprinkle them into your hair where they will bond with your natural hair temporarily, giving it a thicker and fuller appearance.

Enhance its strength

It is well known that thin hair is weaker which means that it is prone to breaking.

Using a strengthening spray can help to give the hair more strength from the root right through to the tip helping to reduce breaks and hair loss.

Try not to add weight

Post-shampoo, you need to make sure that you choose the right conditioner.

This will ensure that it does not undo all the hard work and weigh your hair down again.

Using a volumising conditioner will give the hair lift, give it body and separate the hair at the shafts.

This will give the hair a new lease of life and prevent build-up on the scalp and hair.

Use the right hairdryer

The best time to enhance the volume of the hair using heat is when it is drying.

Therefore, a good hairdryer will make it possible to lift the hair, giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Once you have used the hairdryer to create shape, the cool setting will ensure that the style remains in place, giving your hair volume for longer.

Try some sea salt

This might sound a little crazy but sea salt is absorbed quickly, giving the hair a plump look.

As it dehydrates the hair, it dries in and then gives the hair a natural bend, which delivers an element of texture and volume.