Brush right

To avoid tooth decay and bad breath, brushing is still the best option.

You should aim to brush your teeth twice a day but if you are using the wrong technique or even the wrong brush, you will find that you will not get the same results.

Therefore, choosing to use an electric toothbrush will help to remove up to 80% more plaque and so, spending that bit more on an electric toothbrush could mean you spend less time in the dentist.

Use mouthwash

It is important to remember that using mouthwash is not a replacement for brushing but doing the two together can help to improve oral health.

There are many different options out there such as those that deal with gum problems and those that deal with preventing cavities but overall, there are those that are great for general use.

Time to floss

While toothbrushes can reach a large area of your teeth, the gap between your teeth can often be the area that is forgotten about or missed.

Many see flossing as a bit of a pain, but in reality, flossing regularly will ensure that you keep decay at bay and prevent gum problems that could lead to tooth loss.

Standard floss is often the best choice over interdental brushes.

All you need to do is draw the floss up and down to clean between the teeth and keep them looking good.

Seek professional guidance

If you are the type to forget some of your oral hygiene routine then you should consider paying a hygienist a visit.

Visiting them for 15 minutes every six months will give you teeth that you can begin to work with.

They will remove the stains and enhance the colour of your teeth, which is great if you are partial to a cup of coffee or three every morning and that odd glass of wine in the evenings.

Teeth whitening

While there are many whitening toothpastes available off the shelf that promise to bring your pearly whites back to their former glory, it is important to remember that many of them will not work in the way you hope them to.

They are great for handling the lighter stains but they won’t remove the deeper, tougher stains.

The kits that you can purchase are also not that great and so you should opt for laser whitening at a professional clinic.

They will use hydrogen peroxide and a laser, which activates the whitening process to lift stains on the surface of the tooth and deeper within.

Consider braces

The perfect smile has perfectly straight teeth but not everyone is blessed in that department.

When you are a child, train tracks were fine but they are not quite the same when you are a high flying professional or out dating on the weekends.

Therefore, consider straightening your teeth using Invisaline retainers which are similar to a clear gumshield or you can use a new option called Incognita which works in a similar way to train tracks but they are placed behind your teeth and out of sight.