Skin care should be something that you embrace at any time of the year.

However, during the winter months it is important that you make a few adjustments to your skin care regime to help give your skin the chance of combating the cold.

This will ensure that your skin remains looking great, so follow the tips below to keep your skin glowing this winter.


Choosing to exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week is simple enough and it will certainly make your skin look great.

It does not take too long to do but during winter, it is more important to exfoliate than during the other periods of the year.

This is down to the fact that the cold weather can cause your skin to dry out.

However, it is important to remember that too much exfoliation can cause minor damage to the outer layers of the skin.

This could then potentially lead to dry and damaged skin during the colder months.

Therefore, it is advised that you exfoliate lightly, just once or twice a week before finding out what works best for you.

Use moisturiser

This is the ultimate winter care for your skin because it is so important.

Using a moisturiser will provide your skin with what it needs after your skin has been exposed to cold weather.

It also gives your skin a protective barrier, so apply it in the morning and then at night as a minimum but before and immediately after you have been exposed to cold temperatures.

Apply lip balm

Your lips can also feel the harshness of the cold weather, leaving them dry and cracked.

Therefore, consider using lip balm to replenish and lock in moisture.

There are no rules on how often you should use it, so use it when you feel that your lips need a bit of love and care.

Your diet plays a role

While it is possible to use products to help the skin during winter, you can also ensure that your diet is correct.

A good diet will make sure that you your skin is looking good and it will also help to compliment your skincare routine.

So, consider drinking plenty of water and consuming the right nutrients in every meal and you will find that your skin will remain clear and supple.

Consuming fruit and vegetables will also give you the antioxidants you need to keep your skin looking radiant but also healthy on the inside.

Stay warm

This is a common suggestion during winter and something we should all do.

Shivering and exposing yourself to the cold will certainly undo all the hard work that your skincare products do.

Wear the correct clothing to keep you warm and healthy because once the cold takes over and your immune system weakens you will find that colds and viruses can take hold leaving your skin looking pale and dry.

Wearing gloves will keep your hands warm and will prevent them from drying out and cracking, however, if you do have dry hands, applying moisturiser will certainly do the trick.