When it comes to oral hygiene, you might think that charcoal is something you should stay away from.

However, charcoal is no longer only used for barbecues or improving a compost heap because it now has another use.

A form of charcoal, known as ‘activated charcoal’, has now become a part of the grooming regime of many and it might surprise you to find that it is now in toothpaste.

Activated charcoal reaches out to our ancestors and old ancient medicine techniques where the powder was used for medicinal purposes.

Its revival is nothing more than miraculous and that revival has been supported by the fact that many dermatologists are using it as part of their skincare repair procedures.

However, many brands are now doing all they can to include it as an ingredient for many of their products and this is where charcoal toothpaste makes itself known.

What is Activated Charcoal?

It is also known as activated carbon but the powder is essentially made from wood and other materials that have been exposed to extreme temperatures in an environment that is airless.

It is then activated in order to aid its ability to absorb, making it porous enabling it to attract and hold organic chemicals within it.

In non-technical language, it is a carbon hat has been treated with chemicals in order to create pores that enables it to remove harmful substances from the body.

What are the benefits?

Some research has been carried out on activated charcoals but many experts believe that using it as a toothpaste will improve your oral hygiene, so what are the benefits?

Blocks Cavities

When you brush with activated charcoal, the PH balance in the mouth will alter and this will remove decayed spots from the teeth by reducing the acidity within the mouth.

Deal with bad breath

When toxins leave the body, it can cause bad breath but using a carbon toothpaste will help to neutralise these toxins and improve your breath.

Kills germs

Certain types of charcoal toothpaste have been clinically proven to remove bacteria by as much as 90%.

Brighter Teeth

As it absorbs plaque, it can help to make your teeth appear whiter.

So, as you can see, there are many benefits that come with using charcoal toothpaste.

Many are still dubious about how good it actually is and some dentists believe that it will not offer the same results for all.

It is worth noting that it does come with some side effects such as the fact that it could lead to weakened tooth enamel in the long term and that can lead to erosion and deterioration.

Therefore, there are certain recommendations that come with using it.

Depending on the colour of your teeth, you should only use it once a day for anything from 3-5 days consecutively.

Once you have used it for this period, you will not need to use it for several months.