The way in which men groom is evolving in ways that have never been seen before – and that is a good thing! How men use cosmetics is changing and the whole attitude towards it has shifted and so, it is now more acceptable than ever before.

Therefore, the clever cosmetic tips below are designed to help you look your best without making it look as though you have gone over the top with your cosmetics!

Thicken your beard with an eyeliner pencil

This is one of those tips that might catch you by surprise but it definitely works.

For those of you who are growing out your beard, you might find that you have patches and areas where growth is a little sparse.

However, this is not a problem because an eyeliner pencil can help you to achieve a more even and natural look.

You could even go one-step further and use it to work on the outline of your beard to make it look thicker.

Using concealer

Don’t let this one frighten you, especially if you are new to male cosmetics because it really can enhance your appearance.

Many men are choosing to use it more than you might realise but it is perfect for those times when you want to hide that look after a late night or you have spots that you want to disguise.

It takes minutes to apply but it will ensure you look good for the remainder of the day.

Draw attention to your eyelashes with clear mascara

The eyelashes of a man will often go unnoticed.

Commonly, men have longer eyelashes than women do but many choose to do nothing about this but enhancing them and drawing attention to them is a good thing.

Traditional mascaras will only work to darken your eyelashes and this can make them look strange, so opt for a clear mascara as this will go undetected but will certainly add something different to your appearance.

Spruce up your eyebrows with clear eyebrow gel

All men should keep their eyebrows in a decent condition and while it is fine to have thick eyebrows, letting them grow wild is a no-go!

Choosing to pluck your eyebrows can leave you looking slightly feminine and so, a clear eyebrow gel will give you the ability to control them and shape them without making it look too obvious.

Deal with oily skin

If oily skin is your nemesis then cold pressed powders offer the perfect solution.

They will give your skin a matte look which means that the light will be absorbed as opposed to reflected, giving your complexion a smoother appearance instead of a greasy, shiny look.

However, if you want to cling onto you masculinity, then you should opt for translucent products which work just as well.

Tinted moisturiser

This is another helpful tip that can hide certain skin problems such as uneven skin and discolouration while also helping to moisturise.

So, change your usual moisturiser for a tinted one when you are having trouble with your skin and do not worry about anyone noticing that you are wearing it!