Beards are more popular now than they have been for some time and they make a very powerful fashion statement not to mention the fact that they look brilliant.

However, having a beard is not just a case of growing it and leaving it because it needs the right level of care to look good.

In fact, it is no different to the hair on your head and so, using the right products can help it to look good and feel good.

One of the best products to use on your beard is beard oil, but what is so good about it and what makes it work so well?

The benefits that come with using beard oil make it a worthwhile product to use.

It moisturises

To get the most from your beard and the way it looks, keeping it moisturised is key.

Beard oil will help to deal with the problem of dry skin below your beard while also combating the problem of dry facial hair.

A beard that requires moisturising will look dry, feel dry, flake and will lack any real vibrancy.

Beard oil will give it a healthy look in every possible way.

Simple styling

Beard oil hydrates the beard and moisturises the hair, which then makes it possible to style your beard in any way that you want.

After showering, apply the beard oil as this will enable the hair follicles to absorb the oil quickly without the need to use too much oil.

When using beard oil, you have to think about the amount that you use.

If you use too much it can actually make the hair and skin look greasy, so think along the lines of ‘less is more’.

Stops itching

When you decide to grow a beard, one of the things that you will experience is the itching that comes with it.

Once it gets to a certain length, the itching occurs but this can be dealt with by choosing to use a beard oil.

The amount of sebum that your body produces naturally will not increase because you are growing a beard and this is where the skin can become itchy.

As the hair is working hard to stay hydrated, it itches but using bear oil will give the skin and hair the hydration it needs helping to ease the itching and making everything calm once again.

Smells great

Beard oil not only gives you beard a great look while caring for it because it also often comes with a scent that smells good.

This means that your beard will have a pleasant fragrance, which is down to the fact that they often have essential oils in them.

Commonly, they will add essential oils such as cedarwood or sandalwood and that will give your beard a natural musky or wood scent.

If you are serious about your beard then a good beard oil will certainly make all the difference.

Look after your beard and your beard will look after you.