We all love to travel but regardless of whether you are taking a short flight or a long flight, you get off the plane feeling way below your best.

Your skin takes a battering from the poor air quality and that makes you look and feel terrible.

However, if you want to look your best once you land, you need to make sure you are carrying these grooming essentials.


The recycled cabin air will do nothing to keep your skin feeling fresh and looking good.

The air is dry and full of germs and so, when you land, your skin will need a bit of care and attention.

This is where a good quality moisturiser can help to make the difference because it will keep your skin nourished.

Depending on the length of the flight, you can either choose to apply it every few hours or at the start and end of a flight.

Whatever, you choose, you can be sure it will make the difference.

Deodorant and a fragrance

It does not matter whether you sweat or not, carrying fragrance with you is crucial.

You might be heading off to a business meeting or heading straight to dinner, which makes smelling good even more important.

Spending time on a flight, sat between two people will certainly not leave you feeling fresh, so you need to have a plan to combat the outcome of that once you land.

Take some deodorant and a fragrance that is not overpowering and give yourself a quick squirt of them once you are off the plane.

It will leave you smelling great but actually make you feel a lot fresher, which is a bonus.

Remember, there are restrictions on flights concerning what you can carry so don’t take your biggest bottle of fragrance.

Eye care

Taking a flight will also give your eyes a few problems.

Under the eyes will be the first tell-tale sign that you have been on a plane, especially with a lack of sleep and a poor air condition.

Therefore, the dark, puffy eyes is certainly not a look you want to carry around with you. Choose an eye cream, serum or gel to help combat the problem.

To gain an instant relief to this problem, you can opt to use an under eye gel.

They will come with ingredients that will energise and revitalise your skin and give it a cooling effect that will bring your eyes back to life.

Pop some on before you get on your flight to give your eyes a fighting chance of dealing with the problem.

Lip care

Surprisingly, your lips are often left to fend for themselves when flying.

When you consider the cold, harsh winter air and what that can do to your lips, you can instantly see why you should take care of them when flying.

Carrying a lip balm will enable you to moisturise your lips throughout the flight, giving them a fresh appearance once you step back out onto solid ground.